Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Top 7 Cheap Wedding Ideas

Cheap wedding ideas can build up and seriously reduce your overall wedding bill. Wouldn't that be nice? There is nothing more special than a beautiful wedding. Except perhaps, a cheap, beautiful wedding. Below are the Top 7 cheap wedding ideas.

1. Start planning early
Even though we hear this about everything in our lives, it is especially important with weddings. You have the greatest chance of achieving the best price for things if you start early. Should you wait for a confirmed wedding date? No. Every little bit of planning you do now will save you money in the long run. This means getting out and interviewing reception venues, photographers and everything else. Interviewing early and getting price lists gives you the best chance of securing a good price later.

2. Make your own wedding invitations
Making your own invitations will save a truckload of money. All you need is some silver card, some semi transparent paper (with a nice design) that can be printed on, some ribbon and a hole punch. For perfect edges, when you are reducing the size of the invitations, a guillotine is useful.
Check wedding invitation samples on the web and word an invitation that you like. Print it onto the semi transparent paper. Guillotine the paper to the perfect size and make the silver card about half an inch wider. Use the hole punch and ribbon and attach the card on paper with a nice bow. This not only saves money, it's a lot of fun too.

3. Attend wedding trade shows
Most exhibitors at these trade shows will have discounted prices for attendees as a way to drum up business. Attending as many shows as possible gives you a great chance to secure a bargain priced photographer.

4. Make your own Unique Wedding Favors & wedding flowers
Stop spending thousands on those boring wedding favors. Go out to the local stationary store and purchase some small foldable boxes (with a pattern or color to match your wedding invitations). Purchase some good quality chocolates. Package the chocolates into the foldable boxes for your guests. DIY and create your own flower arrangements with a little bit of your time, colour and creativity. Decorate and style flowers to suit how you would want it to fit into your colour scheme.

5. Avoid batch booking
Avoid going to a wedding planner or similar service and booking everything at once. Even if these services look cheap you will pay somewhere along the line. Do everything yourself, save money and have fun.

6. Check the local classifieds
Check out DJs or bands in the local papers. Sometimes the best bands and DJs are the ones that cannot afford to advertise in the glossy wedding magazines. Remember, you can always ask for a demonstration performance first.

7. Register for the perfect gift...your honeymoon! Visit: www.honeyluna.com
One of the most expensive parts of a wedding is the honeymoon. One of the most boring presents you can receive is something for the kitchen. So, prior to sending your invitations, decide where you would like to go on your honeymoon and arrange a bridal registry at the travel agency. Your guests can now contribute to something you will really enjoy.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Wedding Planning Bible - Save Up To 65% On Wedding Costs

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Create Your Own Wedding Flowers

How to Create Your Own Stunning Wedding Flower Bouquets and Arrangements
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Now, for the first time, there is an ebook resource called “Create Your Own Wedding Flowers” that will show you exactly how to produce fantastic wedding flower arrangements but at a fraction of the price a florist would charge.

It is a practical guide written by a professional wedding florist that will have you creating wonderful flower arrangements for your big day… even if you don’t know a daisy from a daffodil.

The arrangements have been specially chosen so that they are easy to make – you don't need to have had any prior training in floristry or flower arranging.

Here are just some of the things you'll learn:

  • How to make a stylish ‘hand-tied’ bridal bouquet using pink roses – including step-by-step photographs.
  • How to create an elegant arm bouquet of calla lilies – and the correct way to hold it.
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  • How to pin your boutonnieres for maximum effect.
  • Six simple designs for wedding table centrepieces – these are quick and easy to assemble but look stunning - Just learning how to do this could save you hundreds.
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  • Professional tips for transforming ordinary arrangements into pieces that look like a designer florist created them.

There is Nothing Out There That's Like This

“Create Your Own Wedding
” is nothing like the fairytale wedding books that you get in the shops. It is NOT full of pictures of models pretending to be brides. It is NOT stuffed with pictures of the most expensive celebrity wedding arrangements that have ever been prepared.

It is a no-nonsense, step-by-step manual to producing simple yet elegant flower arrangements that will grace any wedding.

You'll learn how to produce

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  • Six different types of wedding table centrepiece

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And all the time you'll have stacks of photo's to check that you are creating things correctly.

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Monday, 2 July 2007

Amazing Wedding Planning

The Average Cost of a Single Wedding is Approaching $30,000. But It Doesn't Have to Be... In Fact, You Could Easily Slash Your Wedding Expenses As Much As 80% To Have the Exact Same Wedding!

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How ANYONE Can Easily Save $10,000
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Few Common Tricks Wedding Vendors Use To Steal Extra Money From You...

Most vendors charge hidden fees that you cannot possibly imagine, such as, "dress try-on" fees, "cake-cutting" fees, "consulting" fees, "gasoline" fees for traveling, and much more.

They make you put down a deposit without any writing so that later they could steal your money.

They make you buy NOW by lying that some other bride is interested in the product and she will be making a deposit in any minute.

Many hotels buy food in bulk to save money and serve you frozen foods. We all know that food tastes worse when it is frozen.

They take off tags from wedding gowns made out of polyester and then lie that it's a luxurious fabric. That way they can easily transform a $500 dress to a $2000 dress.

You reserve a specific ballroom in a hotel for your reception. Just before the day, you find that the room has been changed to a small room, while the original ballroom was occupied by a bigger event.

A caterer refers you a great wedding band by saying all good things about them. So you hire them only to find out that they suck. What happens is that the caterer receives 10% commission of what you pay the band.

Bridal shops will markup their wedding items 20% higher then retail price than have it on 15% sale.

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I took everything that I have learned, and experienced, and also, every tip and trick that I sniffed out, and every gold-nugget of advice that I got from wedding "insiders" and created the ultimate, step-by-step wedding planning survival guide... Especially for those who have a low budget but still want to have a luxurious-looking wedding!

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Step-by-step exactly how to get a Brand NEW wedding dress for less than $100. I heard from many brides that they didn't notice anything different from $2000 dress.
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One little trick that will reduce alcohol cost up to 70%.
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Discover one little phrase you could say that could reduce the price as much as 20%, without changing the menu or number of guests.
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Shopping for a wedding dress is an exhausting process and you could get burned out pretty easily. I'll show you 3 powerful tips that could save you time and stress during dress shopping.
(Page 159)

Where to get free card templates and calligraphy fonts for personalizing your invitations.
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Where and how to save up to 80% on a headpiece, veil, and tiara.
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How to determine if the florist you are dealing with is right for you. Don't expect florist to do a perfect job just because they are professional.
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One neat way to create and send invitations without any money. Yes, that's Zero Dollars!
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One little idea that could slash your wedding reception cost by thousands of dollars
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The three best and most-proven wholesalers who grow their own flowers so you can get the cheapest price for beautiful fresh
. You can easily save 50% more than if you used a local flower shop.

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Discover 5 common tricks that bridal shops use to quietly steal extra money from you. Bridal shops wish that you never knew these tricks.
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A creative way to get catering and service up to 50% lower than normal price, but the food will be just as good, if not better, than the typical professional catering service.
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Time and date matters! I'll tell you the best time of the day, the best time of the week to get the absolutely cheapest price possible for food and beverages. Remember, saving 1% could translate to around $100 when we are talking about catering.
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The caterer will work hard to get your money that we will help you save.. And they have the experience to outsmart you. I will spill 4 common dirty tricks that caterers use to squeeze the most amount of money from you.
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20 ways to cut your expense dramatically when booking your wedding reception site.
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Simple but very powerful negotiating tips that could easily save you 10-15% of the cost.
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Discover a clever trick that will enhance the look of your flowers and bouquet.
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One way that will dramatically reduce the cost for flowers and bouquet as much as 70%.
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4 creative ways to save big money on alcohol costs
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A website where you could customize your invitations cards with ease and then be able to see the "real-life" examples online. Not to mention the price is very affordable.
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Best places to get ideas for unique flower design for your wedding.
(Page 158)

Discover common scams that photographers and videographers will use on you to steal extra money. You don't want to leave your wedding memories at risk, do you?
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Everyone says that Saturday is the most expensive day of the week for your wedding reception. But it also can be the cheapest day of the week. Discover why and how you can take advantage of it.
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Did you know the average cost of a single bridesmaid dress is $200? You will discover where you can get quality bridesmaid gowns for less than $100.
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Learn 5 rules that will prevent 99% of wedding scams. These are very easy to follow and it will work on ANY wedding vendor. Even if you get ripped off, you WILL get your money back, Guaranteed!
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4 other creative ways to save money on your wedding dress without renting a dress or buying a used dress.
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8 proven ways to reduce cost when reserving a ceremony site.
(Page 41)

Creating your invitations could save you the most amount of money, but normally requires a lot of work. If you are looking to create your own invitations, I'll show you step-by-step how to create a stunning invitation.
(Page 159)

Bridal shops will sell you almost everything at a more expensive cost just because they are "wedding" stuff. I'll show you other ways to get accessories including wedding shoes, gloves, tiaras, each under $50.
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Learn 3 common ways how florists will take advantage of you and steal your money without you knowing it. And how you could prevent this from happening to you.
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3 Reasons why you shouldn't shop at David's Bridal. Yet, most brides shop at David's without knowing the pitfalls that could cost them money.
(Page 153)

Find out where you can find the cheapest wedding band for entertainment.
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Why you should bring outside caterers instead of an in-house caterer for hotels or reception halls... But, not always.
(Page 172)

Should you go for buffet or just a sit down dinner? I'll tell you which one you should go for and why. You may think it won't matter too much, but it will.
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We both know how important your wedding photos will be and that you should hire the best photographer. I will reveal 8 tips on how to select the best photographer for you.
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9 creative ways to come up with Unique Wedding Favorswithout costing hundreds of dollars.
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5 ingenious ways to cut limousine and transportation cost as much as 80%
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I'll give you my top online wedding favors stores that I recommend. They are extremely cheap, yet Unique Wedding Favors.
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If you want to buy a used wedding dress, you will find 14 of the best places to get one.
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The 7 sure-fire negotiating tips to get what YOU want at the price YOU want to pay
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Clever and sneaky ways to cut your wedding cake cost by 70%
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And much, much more money saving tips

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